Educate yourself about basic estate planning and consider your situation. Is it simple or complex? If your situation is simple and straightforward, it’s possible that an online will service will be useful. However, if you have any doubts, consult an estate attorney.

Other considerations

Digital Details

Record contact information of key people in your life (spouse, family, close friends, people listed in your will, health care proxies, etc.), the location of important documents, banking and financial accounts, medical and health records, and information about your online accounts.  Download this Excel spreadsheet to record all of this information in one place.

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If you need to provide for your pet(s) after your death, explore this NOLO article on Estate Planning for Pets. In addition to this, be sure to have a plan in place for what happens with your pets should something happen to you unexpectedly.  For instance, make sure that any neighbors who might end up relieving your pets know who to contact to come and take your pets.

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